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We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 4th iteration of the international Human Single Neuron conference at the California Institute of Technology on Nov 1-2, 2018.

The previous editions of this conference were hosted at NYU in 2011, John’s Hopkins in 2014 and Caltech in 2016.

You can find more details regarding the conference here.

Registration is now open and is mandatory for attendance. Please click here to navigate to the registration page. Deadline for registration is October 1, 2018.

List of confirmed speakers below:


Loren Frank (UCSF)

Richard Andersen (Caltech)

Regular Talks:

Edward Chang (UCSF)

Robert Knight (Berkely) 

Mark Richardson (Pittsburg) 

Doris Tsao (Caltech)

Thilo Womelsdorf (Vanderbilt) 

Nanthia Suthana (UCLA)

Shuo Wang (University of West Virginia)

Ziv Williams (MGH/Harvard) 

Sameer Sheth (Baylor)

Joshua Gold (U Penn) 

Simon Hanslmayr (U Birmingham) 

Zoltan Nasdady (UT Austin)

Charles Schroeder (Columbia)

Bijan Pesaran (NYU)

Taufik Valiante (U Tornonto) 

Gabor Tamas ( University of Szeged )

Mark Harnett (MIT)

Syndey Cash (MGH/Harvard) 

Catherine Schevon (Columbia) 

Shadi Dayeh (UCSD)

Dion Khodagholy (Columbia)

Jonathan Ting (Allen Institute)

Christopher Petkov (Newcastle University, UK)

Itzhak Fried (UCLA)

Jim Gnadt (NIH/NINDS)

Viren Jain (Google AI)