Human Single-Unit Meeting Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the support we have received from our sponsors that make this meeting possible.

We are grateful for the following support:

(1.) Neuralynx Inc.

Neurolynx logo

Neuralynx, Inc.
Bozeman, MT

ATLAS Neurophysiology System: Bridging the Research-Clinical Gap. Used in top-50 hospitals worldwide, Neuralynx's ATLAS Neurophysiology System is the only DC capable, high-density EEG, EcOG and Human Single Unit solution. Operates as a research LTM while providing full clinical compatibility as a stand-alone system or in parallel with existing clinical systems. Decades of innovation, loyal support of worldwide partners, and the drive to improve people's lives -- that's why over 700 animal and clinical research labs choose Neuralynx.

(2.) Blackrock Microsystems

Blackrock Microsystems logo

Blackrock Microsystems innovates neural electrophysiology tools for the neuroscience, neural engineering and neuro-prosthetics research and clinical communities worldwide.

(3.) PMT Corporation

PMT Corporation

PMT® is your source for Neurosurgery and Orthopedic instruments and devices. We develop, manufacture and distribute the highest quality Subdural Epilepsy Electrodes, Cervical Traction Halo Systems, Cervical orthosis collars, Lumbo Sacral Orthoses, and Surgical Instruments.

(4.) Friendship Medical


Xi'an Friendship Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech multinational manufacturing company with the integration of science and research, product development, design & manufacturing, sale & trade as well as technical consultations. The company is backed on abundant technical advantages and manufacturing capacities as well as professors, researchers, experts, senior engineers and production engineers. The company has established branches and product advisory offices in US, Europe and Canada. It has developed various kinds of high-quality medical devices and disposable products. They are applied to various electroneurodiagnostic workstations, electroencephalograph (EEG), electrocardiograph (ECG) and electromyography (EMG). Our company has disposable sterile subdermal needle electrodes, disposable surface electrodes (pre-gelled Ag/AgCl), and multi-functional disposable nerve locating probes as well as surgical instruments, etc.